While Ky & Co. is a web design company, it’s built on community. Listed below are amazing creatives who can work with you to develop the visual content that can take your website to the next level.

Feel free to reach out to them directly or after we consult on your project and specific needs!





I’m a Brooklyn-based wilderness girl.

When it comes to photography, my first love is nature and my second is photographing couples. I shoot engagements, weddings, and plain old just-for-fun. If I can get my couples into the woods or into the ocean, that’s where I thrive!

I hope to experiment more with individual portraiture in the future; whether that be studio-based or in an organic setting.

Photographing someone in a place that they love, or doing something that they love, WITH the one they love? That is absolute magic and I want my photos to kick up that kind of stardust.
— meaghan


I’m multi-hyphenate when it comes to the entertainment industry. From assisting a wide range of celebrity talent on award-winning television networks, to shooting and producing visual content for a variety of clientele, I’ve got a range of experiences in all sorts of spaces.

At the end of the day, I photograph nouns: people, places, & things.

I blur the line between the often sought high-class luxury and gritty reality of the hustle and grind of life.
— ashley

graphic design & logo work



I’m a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where I majored in Multimedia Studies and minored in Studio Art. To save money, I did all my own design work as a recording artist. This eventually led to inquiries and requests from other artists and young professionals.

I work with startups, independent musicians, and social media influencers to craft meaningful stories through precise and engaging graphic design.
— grayson

more coming soon!